Our Journey

EAI System is an ISO9001:2015 certified Digital Transformation solutions and consultancy services provider with 16+ years experience delivering major transformation programs. After a humble start-up in the UK, our global presence is now spread across Saudi Arabia, India, Germany, Netherlands and US.

Recently, we diversified into proprietary products to address challenges for future citizens around Data, Health and Environmental issues. We have an exceptional team of certified inhouse experts, state-of-the-art research facilities and deep reach into specialist networks.

Whilst we are platform agnostic with our digital transformation solutions and consultancy, we are a Certified Pega Specialized Partner and recognised for our pragmatism, agility, speed and cost effectiveness.

As a trusted consulting business, EAI Systems is renowned for its ability to help clients solve their most complex problems, from strategy to implementation.

One feature of our overall approach is to endeavour to make our clients more self-sufficient downstream as they work through their digital transformation. To that end, we therefore build in know-how transfer and training as a central feature of our projects where this is something that the client sees as bringing value.


Foundation The company was formed in the UK by a group of experienced IT professionals in 2006. The initial focus of the company was to provide expertise in Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Business Processes Management (BPM) to clients across the world.


Expansion to Asia. Another branch was set up in India in 2016. With offices in the UK andIndia, we now have a team of inhouse experts that provide turnkey solutions in EAI and BPM.


London Pega Meetup. EAI Systems has set up the London Pega Meetup to promote the latest thinking and best practices, share real-life experiences and celebrate success working on Pega implementations. It is also a great networking opportunity!


Completed 15 Years Journey. EAI Systems has gained experience over the years in managing IT infrastructures for a variety of enterprises. We utilize our 15 years of talent sourcing, consultancy andsolution delivery experience to enable our clients to focus on the bigger picture.


Strategic Growth. Following several years of significant growth, EAI Systems develops an ambitious 5 year Strategic Plan positioning it as a global player in the digital transformation sector. We are now going full blast on implementing the plan.