The public sector - both central and local government - is under constant pressure to save costs, whilst also being expected to provide citizens with the kinds of enhanced customer service experiences that digital natives now expect as a matter of course. Squaring this circle is a challenge: digital transformation is the key to successfully resolving these apparently conflicting requirements.

Of course, projects in the public sector need to be designed and delivered by people that truly understand the unique features of government environments. We are proud to be an accredited supplier under both the G Cloud and DOS UK government frameworks, and also to have a strong track record of delivering transformative projects for diverse government bodies around the world.

If you’re at the early stages of your digital transformation journey, we can work with you to get the foundation building blocks in place - such as cloud migration and integrating legacy systems and databases that are currently not talking to each other. And we can also help you get some quick and highly visible wins happening with simple low-cost projects that have an immediate positive impact, such as improving customer service through deployment of chat bots and other “digital assistants”.

If you’ve already achieved a level of digital maturity and are looking to ramp up from here, we can help you take full advantage of the opportunities for achieving the dual goals of greater efficiencies and improved services to citizens through end-to-end intelligent business process automation, using AI to speed up high volume decision making processes and leveraging smart data analytics to understand how to serve your customers even better.

Here are just a few examples of the kind of projects that we can do to make a difference to your organisation and to the lives of the citizens that you serve:

Cloud Migration To Enable Digital Transformation: Cloud platforms are a fundamental enabler of digital transformation. However, many public sector organisations are struggling to migrate their core systems to the cloud. This in turn means that those organisations are missing out on the opportunities for more efficient automated workflow processes and the ability to make rapid changes to systems in response to new legislation and policy directives. Not only do we have the expertise and practical experience to solve this problem for you, but we can also transfer the “cloudification” skills to your team making you more self-sufficient moving forward.

AI Driven Decision Making: A lot of central and local government organisations have to make high volumes of decisions about various types of applications made by individual citizens, businesses and other bodies. The decisions might be about eligibility for a grant, a permit or licence, or an exemption from a general requirement. Many of these decisions are still made by skilled personnel following manual procedures and making individual assessments - often whilst struggling to access all the relevant data. The result can be delays that cause (at best) frustration and in some cases genuine hardship to your customers. AI has matured greatly in recent years, and enabling organisations to process and make rapid decisions about a wide range of applications is now a well proven and classic “use case” that can rapidly result in major measurable service improvements.

Improving Service Through Joined Up Systems: the “on demand” expectations of today’s digital native citizens are quite different to what they were even just a few years ago and many public sector organisations are struggling to meet them. In particular, efficient customer service is often hobbled by a lack of integration between existing back office and front office systems, resulting in customer-facing staff having an incomplete picture of the customer’s situation and all the relevant data. With the right know how and tools, these challenges can be fixed quickly in most cases. Add in some basic process automation and you are well on the way to delivering a transformed customer service experience. We’d welcome the opportunity to talk to you about what is possible.

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