Pega Training

EAI Systems offer various Pega training courses and provides learning paths based on your current skill-set. Pega training enables individuals to learn technology in a simplified way and understand in-depth processes. The following are the types of Pega training we provide:

  • System Architect Training
  • Senior System Architect Training
  • Business Architect Training
  • Robotics Training
  • Classroom Training
  • Virtual Training
  • Bespoke Training Solutions

In association with Pegasystems, EAI Systems provides an efficient learning system which enables individuals to stay ahead on technology and business processes. Most of the Pega training is based on Missions, Modules, Challenges and Instructor-Led Training. Self-study online training gets rid of travel expenses and reduces time away from work. Live instructor-led courses are designed, developed, and taught by Pega certified experts. Some of the new Pega Training features are:

How Pega Email Bot can act as a virtual assistant.

How to utilize the low-code technology of Pega Platform to configure applications.

How to enable self-learning adaptive models to increase the efficiency and the effectiveness of case management.

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