Customer Engagement

In today’s competitive markets, ensuring that every engagement a customer has with your organisation is consistently excellent is essential. But with the pace of change, the complexities introduced by new approaches such as omnichannel models and the increasingly demanding expectations of today’s customers this is a major challenge.

Digital transformation is a key enabler in this space. It provides the underlying foundations that enable businesses to develop the agility to embrace and drive change at pace across their organisations. It enables them to take full advantage of the new opportunities for excellence in customer engagement provided by digital marketing techniques. And it enables them to develop and bring to market innovative new products and services much faster.

Through our work in this area, we have considerable experience in helping our clients use the latest technologies and methodologies to take customer engagement to a new level. Here are a few examples of the kinds of projects that we do:

Making “Omnichannel” Work Well:
An omnichannel model is increasingly being recognised as a critical success factor to provide customers with the flexibility they expect. However, getting the full benefits of the omnichannel model is highly dependent on leveraging smart underlying technology. Backend system integration is essential to ensure that, with multiple types of channel in place, the organisation as a whole - and particularly customer facing staff - retains an integrated, single view of product sets, service offerings, pricing, special offers and so on. Without this, there is a real danger of customers receiving inconsistent service depending on which channel they are engaging with. Deployment of modern API-led connectivity platforms can prevent silos and enable agility when implementing changes - new prices, new products, new offers - across all channels, and drive a consistent experience for every customer with every engagement.

Hyper-Personalising Customer Service: In the battle to acquire and retain customers, ensuring your service agents have accurate and real time 360 degree views of every customer is a critical success factor in delivering outstanding personalised customer service. Most businesses will usually already have considerable amounts of data about their customers - but a lot of them struggle to extract full value from this data because it is spread across multiple siloed systems and has not been consolidated to give a fully rounded view of each customer. Our data orchestration and integration capabilities can fix this. Then add in smart data analytics and AI to provide your service agents with real time advice on the next best action and you have the perfect platform for upselling, cross selling and ensuring full customer satisfaction.

A Holistic View of Customer Engagement: In a lot of market sectors there are multiple aspects that contribute to the customer’s ongoing engagement with the business. They typically include initial onboarding, account management, customer service and the ability to introduce new products rapidly to cater to emerging customer requirements. Technology is the underlying enabler for streamlining and enriching each of these. Intelligent business process automation can inject speed and agility into standard procedures such as onboarding and account management: a smart combination of integrated data orchestration, data analytics and AI can transform customer service; and migrating your systems to the cloud provides the basis for rapid development and roll out of innovative new products.

Always-On Marketing: In an attempt to keep their customers fully engaged, many organisations (both B2C and B2B) are now running Always-On Marketing (AoM) in parallel with their more traditional campaigns. Whilst the brand marketing expertise lies within your marketing team, they also need a technology partner to help them figure out what their options are for AoM and then to execute the strategy. Successful AoM is dependent on a number of core technologies being woven together to convert it from concept to operational reality - data orchestration and analytics, machine learning and applied AI, digital agents and intelligent conversation bots to name just a few - and it is this expertise that we bring to the table.

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