Energy & Utility

The Energy & Utilities sector has always been a complex industry grappling with its own set of operational issues such as the huge levels of capital investment required, managing large armies of field service engineers, commodity price volatility, extended supply chains and geo-political challenges. Today, those “business as usual” operational challenges are compounded by the requirement to shift rapidly towards a low carbon economy with renewable energy to the fore, and aligning that shift with infrastructure and business processes built to work with more traditional energy sources.

On top of those operational challenges, new market forces are also changing the game on the customer service side of the house. Businesses at the B2C end of the energy supply chain must meet the demands of new generations of customers who expect services “on demand and on my terms” and who have no hesitations about switching service providers if their expectations are not met. Customer retention is paramount in a highly competitive market.

Wherever you sit in the supply chain, digital transformation has a key role to play in helping you meet these challenges. But to capitalise fully on the opportunities that digital transformation can bring, businesses need a partner who understands their unique challenges and who has the specialist knowledge of contemporary technologies and digital methodologies to help plan and execute a practical transformation programme. That is what we bring to the table. Examples of how we can help Energy & Utilities businesses include:

Field Service Optimisation: Whether it’s fixing and maintaining critical infrastructure components across grids and pipelines or resolving a domestic outage, the field force is a crucial enabler of availability of services and ensuring customer satisfaction. But the costs and complexities of managing the field force are considerable. Complex field force management at scale is a classic use case for intelligent business process automation: by implementing automated case management methodologies, integrating back office and front office systems and ensuring all operatives have access to all the data they need at any location and in real time via apps communicating with cloud-based systems, field force efficiency and effectiveness can be transformed.

Customer Experience: In the battle to acquire and retain customers, ensuring your service agents have accurate and real time 360 degree views of every customer is a critical success factor in delivering outstanding personalised customer service. Energy and utilities businesses will usually already have considerable amounts of data about their customers - but many organisations struggle to extract full value from this data because it is spread across multiple siloed systems and has not been consolidated to give a fully rounded view of each customer. Our data orchestration and integration capabilities can fix this. Then add in smart data analytics and AI to provide your service agents with real time advice on the next best action and you have the perfect platform for upselling, cross selling and ensuring full customer satisfaction.

Insights + Analytics = Right Action: The combination of IoT and AI-driven data analytics can be used to drive performance improvements right across your operations. By using IoT, drones and smart sensors to capture data from all points across the infrastructure you have the raw material that can then be analysed rapidly by AI-driven software to enable your engineers and other operatives to make smart decisions much more quickly. The time consuming and costly ”heavy lifting” of collecting and interpreting data through painstaking analysis has been done for them, enabling them to focus on driving rapid remediation. Whether it’s identifying anomalies requiring investigation, predicting demand surges or seeing that a remote infrastructure component needs preventative maintenance, operational excellence can be significantly heightened.

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