Most of the underlying technologies and techniques that collectively enable digital transformation - such as customer engagement solutions, digital marketing solutions, cloud migration, intelligent business process automation and AI - are potentially as relevant to the Retail sector as they are to many other industries. The real trick is to understand how they can be harnessed intelligently to enable the contemporary Retailer to survive and thrive in a fiercely competitive and fast changing market.

That understanding - and the ability to convert it from “good idea” to operational reality - is what we bring to the table. There are many examples of digital transformation having a major positive impact on the Retail sector: here are just a few to whet the appetite.

Omnichannel Retailing: increasingly recognised as being a critical success factor across the sector, deriving the full benefits of the omnichannel model is highly dependent on leveraging smart underlying technology. A high level of backend integration is essential to ensure that, with multiple types of channel in place, the retailer retains an overall view of stock levels, special offers and promotions and so on. Deployment of modern API-led connectivity platforms can prevent silos and enable agility when implementing changes - new prices, new products, new channels. And then there’s the challenge of ensuring a seamless customer experience across multiple channels - which brings us neatly on to…

Customer Experience: gaining a single view of the customer by harvesting all data about that customer’s buying behaviour in both the online and bricks and mortar stores is a cornerstone of building a stronger relationship with each and every customer and enabling great personalised service. It is also the enabler for intelligent digital marketing campaigns based on a 360 degree view of each customer’s buying behaviour. Sophisticated back end integration coupled with data orchestration and analytics is the underlying technology that makes this possible.

Ever Increasing Efficiency: pressures on margins plus the “on demand” expectations of today’s customers combine to make optimisation of the core business processes that are central to almost all retail operations essential. New technologies and techniques that enable intelligent business process automation can have a very significant impact by accelerating and simultaneously reducing costs in many core process areas including order delivery, returns, promotions, complaints management and demand forecasting. In addition, slick and reliable processes that are driven from personal digital devices create a work environment that is more attractive for employees - an increasingly important factor in today’s market where attracting and retaining good staff is a significant challenge.

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