Digital Transformation Advisory & Consulting Services

It is also an extended transformative journey rather than a set of short, sharp projects. An experienced partner to guide you and help you find and follow the right path can mean the difference between reaching your destination and enjoying the journey, or a series of false starts and wasted expenditure culminating in frustration. And that’s where we come in. Coming at it with a fresh pair of eyes and with a broad range of experiences of how other organisations have successfully implemented digital transformation, we offer expert consulting and advisory services at each stage:

Setting the Strategy: We work with you to develop the digital transformation roadmap. This will typically involve:

A Discovery phase, where current processes across all functions are analysed and mapped, and their alignment with the organisation’s future strategic business goals is assessed.

Workshops, where we present our thinking on how the latest technologies and techniques could be leveraged to re-shape the current status quo and enable the strategic business goals to be achieved.

ROI Modelling, to develop an understanding of the potential business impact of the transformation and to help build the business case.

Development of a provisional Digital Transformation Roadmap based on the outputs from the workshops. Finalising the Roadmap following feedback from the business case review process.

Establish a Centre of Excellence: The CoE oversees and drives the digital transformation process, and is responsible for:

Project and Change Management, ensuring a well planned approach across what is likely to be a broad portfolio of individual (but inter-dependent) projects.

Training of Staff, ensuring users across the organisation buy into, understand and are able to take full advantage of the benefits associated with the new processes and technologies.

Governance, ensuring security and other internal policies and standards are followed rigorously throughout the digital transformation process.

Know-How Transfer, a structured programme under which our team transfer any necessary skills to enable your internal resources to be self-sufficient in managing the new systems.

Implementation of the Roadmap: There are critical consultative activities to be followed in the early stages of each strand of the implementation phase, drilling down at a deeper level than the original Discovery phase:

Customer Engagement Analysis: through in-depth customer journey mapping, creation of customer interaction heatmaps and running sophisticated customer analytics, we gather granular insights that feed into the work on re-invention of the customer engagement process.

Design Thinking: by leading Design Thinking exercises involving multiple stakeholder groups, we ensure the right foundations are in place for the digital process automation elements of the transformation.

LoB Engagement: deep engagement with Line of Business experts is the key to extracting the knowledge and experience of your key people and using it as the inteklkectuak capital to fuel the AI elements of the transformation.

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