Cloud Transformation

Cloud Transformation is in many ways the fundamental enabler of digital transformation. It provides the environment where operations can be made more agile, where development and deployment of innovative products and services is much faster and lower cost, and is the basis for enabling both your customers and your employees to enjoy a truly contemporary digital experience.

As well as paving the way to full digital transformation, migrating applications, data and IT infrastructure to the cloud should also result in significantly reduced IT costs and provide more flexible options for your disaster recovery strategy. All of which makes it sound like a complete “no brainer”, right?

The fact is that many organisations are still in the early stages of their cloud journey - and some have barely started at all. What is holding them back is generally some combination of lack of a clear cloud strategy, insufficient internal technical resources with the right specialist skill sets, and in some cases a fear of the unknown.

We can remove these barriers for you. Here are some of the ways we can work with you to take full advantage of the benefits that cloud transformation provides:

Cloud Strategy: many organisations have fallen into the trap of seeing cloud transformation as simply a “lift and shift” exercise aimed at reducing IT operating costs by moving applications, data and IT infrastructure from a high cost environment to a lower cost one. They are then frustrated when they do not start enjoying all the transformative benefits of agility and business process improvement that the cloud is supposed to bring. All they have done is take an aging set up - with all of its historic limitations and issues - and relocate it somewhere cheaper. To deliver its real potential, cloud transformation requires a combined business and IT strategy that is based on a full understanding of what can be achieved. Which is where we come in with our Cloud Advisory Service.

Cloud Migration: A lot of organisations are still struggling to migrate their core operational systems to the cloud. This in turn means that they are missing out on the opportunities for more agile operations and faster development and deployment of innovative products and services that the cloud brings to their more digitally advanced competitors. Not only do we have the technical expertise and practical experience to execute the migration for you, but we can also transfer the necessary skills to your team making you more self-sufficient moving forward.

Containerization: Whilst rewriting legacy software applications so as to convert them into cloud native apps can bring many benefits, it can also be a lengthy and complex task. Containers can offer an alternative approach to achieving customer native apps. They provide an environment on a different host with everything that the application requires to run properly, so the software can be moved from one host (e.g. on premise) to a different host in (e.g.) a cloud based environment without a significant rewrite. Containers permit full control over the selected programming language and run time versions, so the application’s original environment can be faithfully replicated. To learn more, please contact us.

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