Our Pega Implementation experience can help you with a wide range of Pega solutions in different areas of your business.

The Pega Platform blends together a unique combination of the capabilities of the digital transformation revolution allowing you to build quickly, automate intelligently and scale with confidence. Pega provides the capability of building large scale applications using a low-code approach where most of the build is configuration only. Case Management capabilities along with RPA and AI built into Business processes allows automated decisioning and makes processes seamless from an end user perspective. Pega provides a UI/UX Library which makes building UI for enterprise applications much easier.

Co-creation &

Co-creation/Co-Production is the practice whereby stakeholders form part of the Design and Build process. When an organization is going through a complex Digital Transformation, sometimes it is easy to lose sight of the end goal when designing the different aspects of the solution. Co-Creation/Co-Production helps you avoid this risk.

Our experience in multiple implementations using the Co-Production process places us in a unique position to enable you and your team to get into the game with an advantage. Our range of services includes identifying roles and responsibilities for a Co-Creation journey and planning it out in detail to make the best use of the time and resources available to you.

Expert &
Advisory Services

Our Expert and Advisory Services cover a wide range of activities that add value to Digital Transformation within a Pega environment.

Establishing a Pega Centre of Excellence is one of the key pillars to achieving effective governance in your Pega landscape. With the right set-up and governance model, your CoE should ensure faster and more agile scaling of your application(s). Our team of experts have experience of setting up CoEs in many organizations across multiple industries and can provide you with all the tools you need to run a CoE.

Another key to driving a successful Pega implementation is to bridge the gap that can exist between Strategy and Operations by ensuring stakeholder engagement across the business. Our Business Engagement Services range from developing the Business Case and Implementation Roadmap through to mapping out customer journeys and touchpoints – joining the dots between strategic direction and actual implementation.


UAP Partnership - Western India

In collaboration with Pegasystems, EAI Systems is offering dynamic university-level curricula on cutting-edge Pega software under the Pega University Academic Program (UAP). Students can find lucrative opportunities with Pega clients and partners - and there’s no cost to the university to offer Pega courses.

EAI Systems recently launched UAP in Western India. More than 240 students participated in the Pega University Academic Program kick-off at St. Johns college in Palghar.

Hire - Train
- Deploy Model

Benefits that you unlock with our Hire->Train->Deploy services include:

Overcome any potential Skills Gap
Based on your skills needs, we work with you to hire, train and deploy resources.

Remove Hiring Headaches
Our recruits undergo strict training and assessment before being deployed to your organization. With a trial period of 2 years, most of our recruits go on to accept full-time positions.


  • System Architect Training
  • Senior System Architect Training
  • Business Architect Training
  • Robotics Training
  • Classroom Training
  • Virtual Training
  • Bespoke Training Solutions