With the proliferation of ownership of mobile devices in recent years, players in the Telecoms sector know that their industry has a highly unusual dynamic: pretty much the only new customers available are already with a competitor. At the same time, those competitors have also figured this out and are eyeing your existing customers hungrily. In this environment, customer retention and customer acquisition are more critical than ever - and digital transformation has a key role to play.

When it comes to customer retention and customer acquisition, optimising the customer experience across every touchpoint with your organisation is an obvious place to start - and much of our work with Telecoms businesses is focused there. But a more holistic approach to digital transformation can bring even greater dividends. Greater efficiencies across core OSS/BSS processes can drive improved ongoing service delivery 24x7x365 and can also reduce costs significantly - with associated savings being passed through to your customers in the form of even more aggressive pricing. This multi-pronged approach should raise your NPS significantly - turning your customers from potential flight risks into brand champions.

To capitalise fully on the opportunities for competitive advantage that digital transformation offers, Telecoms businesses need a partner who understands their unique challenges and who has the specialist knowledge of contemporary technologies and digital methodologies to help plan and execute a practical transformation programme. That is what we bring to the table. Examples of how we help Telecoms businesses include:",

Hyper-Personalising Customer Interactions: An accurate and real time 360 degree view of every customer is a fundamental prerequisite for providing outstanding personalised customer service. Telecoms businesses already have considerable amounts of data about their customers based on location, web site visits and click throughs, previous interactions and buying histories - but many organisations struggle to extract full value from this data because it is spread across multiple siloed systems and has not been consolidated to give a fully rounded view of the customer. Our data orchestration and integration capabilities can fix this. Then add in smart data analytics and AI to provide your service agents with real time advice on the next best action and you have the perfect platform for upselling, cross selling and ensuring full customer satisfaction.

Transforming OSS/BSS: These systems represent the underlying engine room of Telecoms businesses. In many organisations they have grown organically over many years, are highly complex and - having been developed on platforms that are many generations old in IT terms - have inherent limitations when it comes to integration and scalability. Charting the best course to move from the current status quo to an open digital architecture that enables full integration between back office and front office functions, automated workflows spanning many different parts of the organisation, and which is sufficiently agile to support the operational roll out of new products and promotions quickly and easily needs both a deep understanding of what is possible from a technology perspective and also real familiarity with the business operations of Telecoms companies. And that is what we bring to the table.

Digital by Default: Customers have traditionally interacted with Telecoms businesses in person, either by phone or at a bricks and mortar store. This model brings with it a double whammy: the major headcount costs associated with big call centres and high street stores, coupled with frustrations for customers as they have to wait in line to speak with an agent. By moving to a model where customer interactions are “digital by default” - in other words where self service through digital channels is the norm other than in those cases where human intervention is really necessary - there is an opportunity to make major cost savings whilst simultaneously improving customer satisfaction. But transitioning to this model needs deep expertise in Robotic Process Automation - setting up digital agents and ensuring they have the “intelligence” to meet customer expectations. We’d welcome the opportunity to talk to you about how we can work with you to drive this element of your digital transformation.

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