Pega Implementation

Our Pega Implementation experience can help you with a wide range of Pega solutions in different areas of your business.

The Pega Platform blends together a unique combination of the capabilities of the Digital Transformation Revolution allowing you to build quickly, automate intelligently and scale with confidence. Pega provides the capability of building large scale applications using a low-code approach where most of the build is configuration only. Case Management capabilities along with RPA and AI built into business processes allows automated decisioning makes processes seamless from an end user perspective. Pega provides a UI/UX Library which makes building UI for Enterprise Applications much easier.

Intelligent Automation is enabled by a three pronged approach in the Pega Platform:

  • Robotic Process Automation allows organizations to quickly build automation between legacy systems which cannot be easily modernized. This allows implementations to fit into timelines which would normally take much longer.
  • Business Rules allow speedy, personalized decisions during touchpoints.
  • Process AI enables deployment of AI to intricate parts of the process allowing speedy insights in near real time.

With Pega, you build your enterprise application once and you keep scaling as needed for your organization. The Centre-Out Business Architecture keeps the intelligence at the core and applies it to micro-journeys enabling intelligent Case Management. Process fabric provides the capability to have an interconnected view across all systems and processes in your application. With this approach, the enterprise application that you build with Pega can be enabled across multiple channels via Chat, an App, Web etc.

Use Pega’s best of class technology to help you engage with your customers on a timely and relevant manner and provide an enriched experience for your customers. Predict your customer interactions with AI reading inputs from various sources about your customer, helping you make personalized conversations across channels. A 1:1 conversation with a Customer allows you to be always engaged with them and to be prompted with the right conversation at the right time. Using Pega, you deploy a central decisioning system with an ‘Always On’ AI that reads and analyses customer interactions across different channels, ready to churn out the “Next Best Conversation” for the next customer interaction.

Use Pega’s market leading solution to revamp your agent desktop applications, providing an enriched and guided experience for your agents and also giving aproductivity boost. With Intelligent Automation and Case Management at its core, Pega Customer Service allows you to assist your customers with a proactive, personalized and seamless experience across channels, all along minimizing your costs in a unified platform.

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