Hire - Train - Deploy Model

Benefits that you unlock with our Hire-Train-Deploy
services include:

Overcome any potential Skills Gap
Based on your skill needs, we work with you to hire, train and deploy resources.

Remove Hiring Headaches
Our recruits undergo strict training and assessment before being deployed to your organization. With a trial period of 2 years, most of our recruits go on to accept full-time positions.

Geography Agnostic
We have the ability to deploy immediately in hard-to-hire locations. Our candidates are flexible for relocation across the UK with EAI Systems covering travel and initial accommodation costs.

Reduce Administrative Costs
Our recruits are employed with EAI Systems during deployment reducing IR35 risks, employment liabilities and associated risks.

Retain Knowledge and IP
Our model will help you retain your organization’s valuable product and business knowledge, thereby enabling you to build a pipeline of skilled talent in your organization.

Flexible Resourcing Option
Our resourcing options are flexible - tailored teams, fast deployment, flexible deployment length as per business needs.

Accelerate your business with EAI Systems, a leading global digital transformation company.
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