API and Microservices

Our API and Microservices solutions cover following aspects of integration:

  • API
  • Micro services
  • Security
  • Integration Architecture
  • Integration Governance
  • API Gateway
  • Legacy Modernization

EAI Systems API solutions focuses on Secured APIs system hence provides protection of APIs and security of clouds, frameworks and architectures. The API and Cloud security helps in managing risk and support digital transformation processes. APIs are serving as the link to modernize legacy apps, and the basis of contemporary digital experience. We support our customers in legacy modernization with our secured and efficient ecosystem.

EAI System’s API management and Micro-services experts help their customer in accelerating their digital transformation journey by providing them amazing data flow diagrams, agile/scalable architecture, algorithms and applications. Our digital teams develop customized strategies to support our customer’s digital transformation journey via API and Micro-services expertise.

Accelerate your business with EAI Systems, a leading global digital transformation company.
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