Robotics Process Automation

RPA plays a significant role in a lot of digital transformation projects. It is one of the options that should be considered as part of developing and implementing a broader digital process automation strategy aimed at streamlining business processes across an organisation. In suitable use cases, it provides a rapid, lower cost and less complex approach compared with - for example - building new applications from scratch or integrating existing legacy systems.

In particular, it can be a great approach where the challenge is to automate high volume, structured “closed” tasks that currently require repetitive manual work (e.g. extracting data from one system and then manually entering it into another) performed by clerical staff working with multiple fragile legacy systems.

Major advantages of RPA technology is that it is “non-invasive” - i,e, it sits outside the legacy systems themselves and does not require re-engineering of those systems or the writing of new applications. It can therefore deliver quick wins and can be a much cheaper alternative to full scale development and integration projects.

Through RPA, business processes can be accelerated significantly, both with front and back office processes. Customer service can be improved as timescales for delivering a particular service or responding to a common type of customer request will be much faster. Additionally, the bots that enable RPA do not get tired or lose concentration, meaning that error rates should reduce thereby delivering an improved customer experience.

As well as improving customer service and experience, RPA can also reduce operating costs. For example, in organisations where employee churn rates are high, the time (and therefore costs) associated with training new staff can be slashed as they no longer need to learn a series of (what are frequently) fiddly, clunky procedures to address one small step in an overall process - the software does it for them.

At the same time, staff are liberated from spending a lot of time on routine, simple tasks such as data entry and are able instead to focus on more satisfying cases requiring judgment and human intervention.

We would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about how RPA could be leveraged to drive real improvement in your organization's processes, and to work with you on converting the potential for improvement into an operational reality.

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