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When it comes to customer retention and customer acquisition, optimising the customer experience across every touchpoint with your organisation is an obvious place to start - and today’s technologies and associated methodologies are a major enabler of ensuring a consistently great experience for your customers.

But the range of technologies and techniques available is considerable, and there is no “one size fits all” kind of approach that is best for every different type of organisation. We use our considerable experience in this space to advise our clients on what the options are for leveraging different aspects of digital transformation to meet their particular needs in the best way - and then we work with you to implement and execute.

At the same time we perform structured know how transfer and training for your teams to enable you to become more self-sufficient in getting the best out of the technology.

Here are some examples of the kinds of projects we do in the CX field:

Analyse, Plan, Improve: Coming at it with a fresh air of eyes, no baggage and with a broad range of experiences of how other organisations excel at CX, we offer expert consulting and advisory services. For example, by doing in-depth customer journey mapping, creating customer interaction heatmaps and running sophisticated customer analytics, we can provide you with fresh insights into what is really happening at the sharp end of your CX today. If you want to explore digital process automation (DPA) to see how it can improve CX, we can lead the all important Design Thinking exercise to lay the foundation for a successful DPA project - and then work with you on iterative prototyping of new apps to convert the Design Thinking outputs into an operational reality.

Hyper-Personalising Customer Interactions: In highly competitive B2C sectors, optimising every interaction with a customer is essential. But, in a high pressure call centre environment even the most experienced service agents can struggle to immediately assimilate all the available information about this particular customer and process that mentally in real time to come up with the next best action on every occasion. Using AI to give your agents smart prompts on next best action based on all available data is a classic use case for AI and will significantly increase the likelihood of full customer satisfaction with every interaction.

Omnichannel: Many businesses are moving to an omnichannel model when interacting with their customers. Whilst this can provide customers with the kind of flexible experience they want and need, it also brings challenges. For example, how do you ensure a seamless customer experience across multiple channels? Gaining a single 360 degree view of each customer by harvesting all data about that customer’s behaviour in both the online and bricks and mortar environments is essential. Sophisticated back end integration between multiple systems coupled with data orchestration and analytics is the underlying technology that makes this possible.

Conversational AI Bots: Chatbots have been around for a number of years now, and have been deployed with mixed results as part of an overall customer experience strategy. But not all Chatbots are equal. The vast majority of Chatbots deployed to date have been “linguistic” or “rule based” (using if/then logic): whilst these can work well where the context is effectively an FAQ type of scenario with a predictable set of queries, they struggle if someone goes slightly off-topic or uses alternative terminology. By contrast, AI Chatbots are based mainly on machine learning and draw on other advanced AI features such as sentiment analysis and memory regarding each individual customer, enabling much more flexible, personalised communication. Getting it right requires experience and know how - and that’s where we come in.

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