Digital Marketing

As the lead generation engine for your business, your marketing function needs to optimise your ability to win and retain customers in a highly competitive market. And in today’s digital and omnichannel world, that means excellence in digital marketing.

Focusing both on converting all the available data into actionable insights and also on optimising marketing processes and operations, we work with you to ensure the latest digital tools and techniques are successfully used to maximise the ROI on your marketing spend and to make you stand out against the competition.

Here are some of the ways we can work with you to boost your marketing through digital transformation:

Attribution Modelling: understanding at a detailed level which of your various digital marketing channels are making the greatest contributions to lead generation and sales is fundamental to making the smartest call on where to focus your marketing spend. Using sophisticated Attribution Modelling techniques and ensuring all the right data is fed into the process from across your organisation, we help you get the true picture.

Customer Profiling and Segmentation: to take full advantage of today’s opportunities for hyper-personalised marketing through social media channels, you need an accurate and real time 360 degree view of every customer. Using a combination of data integration, AI and smart data analytics, we enable you to pull all the relevant data together from however many siloed and legacy systems it currently sits in, and then join up all the dots and get a clear picture of each individual customer to ensure each receives the message that is right for them.

Always-On Marketing: many organisations (both B2C and B2B) are now running Always-On Marketing (AoM) in parallel with their more traditional campaigns. Whilst the brand marketing expertise lies within your marketing team, they also need a technology partner to help them figure out what their best options are for AoM and then to execute the strategy. Successful AoM is dependent on a number of core technologies being woven together to convert it from concept to operational reality - data orchestration and analytics, machine learning and applied AI, digital agents and intelligent conversation bots to name just a few - and it is this expertise that we bring to the table.

Campaign Management: successful campaign management in a digital and omnichannel environment is as much about smart data analytics as it is about marketing flair. With campaigns running across multiple channels - internet, phone, email and in-store - all the relevant data from each channel needs to be integrated and analysed to get a full understanding of what is working and what is not. We work with our clients to ensure they get the real picture, enabling them to fine tune their campaigns to achieve maximum return on investment.

Marketing Operations: successful marketing requires great teamwork and collaboration across different parts of the organisation - and in many cases also with external agencies and other specialist partners. Information needs to flow freely and rapidly to ensure decisions can be made fast based on accurate data. In short, we are talking about agile business processes - and Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) is the key. By using the latest IPA technologies and techniques, we work with our clients to accelerate workflows, eliminate bottlenecks, and ensure that decisions at both the tactical and strategic levels are made based on accurate and complete data from every channel.

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