A client focused niche technology company with offices in UK, India & Germany
Best in class consulting services with flexibility of location, pricing models
about business enhancement for our clients & our team's career progression


EAI System  is a ISO9001:2015 certified  PEGA Specialist System Integrator and consultancy services provider with 10+ years experience delivering major  transformation programs.


After a humble startup in the UK, our global presence is now spread across India, Germany, Netherlands and US.


We have an exceptional team of certified  in-house Pega experts, state-of-the-art research facilities and deep reach into specialist networks. We are Pega Silver Partners and renowned for our pragmatism, Agility, speed and cost effectiveness.

Our Philosophy

Deep Domain Knowledge

We come from a deep history of helping customers in Banking, Telecoms and Public sector do significant multi-million dollar transformations.

We have gathered extensive domain knowledge on these transformations typically involving - business process re-engineering and customer service re-engineering, near real-time customer 360 view, decisioning, Inbound/Outbound campaigns


Deeper Technology Depth

We take pride in our grassroot talent pool with years of programming experience in Java/Python, machine learning and decisioning technologies. Our engineering team constantly thrives to respond to disruptive technologies, innovate new products and tools, and build frameworks and accelerators so

that our customers benefit from fastest speed to market.

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